Lost Summers

October 12, 2017

what happened to days
of carefree smiles
tossed hair
and forgotten classes
time spent together
loving and losing
and not really caring
who wasn’t there
for all that mattered
was those who were.

Years gone

June 10, 2016

It’s funny
How as the days go by
I don’t feel older
But my idols die.
It’s strange
How as I grow old
The weather seems
To get real cold.
It’s odd
How as I age
I still feel younger
But at another stage.
It’s bizarre
How time just keeps ticking
Roses grow and wither
No longer fresh for picking.

Years go by

May 19, 2016

The night is young
As are we
But in the twilight
We will see
Not as young
As once we were
Age creeps up
Oh so fast
Moments creep by
And never last
Suddenly grey appears
Showing up
Bringing fears
But fear not the years that pass
For it is in them
We will learn to last


January 20, 2016

Every muscle moving in unison
Like a perfectly oiled machine
Youth is so lovely
It really is pristine
But before you realize you have it
In the mirror you see
The one starring back at you
Is no longer young and free

Getting Old

December 18, 2015

It’s been so long
But to meet again
And see the change
Is truly amazing
How much we age
How much we moved
How far we’ve come
Since kids in the basement
Arguing over what song
To download off Napster
To adults standing in the halls
Decide when to invest and divest
Really puts life in perspective


July 2, 2014

Youth slips
Right between our fingers
Like one thousand grains of sand
Leaving just the speckled remains
In frail memories
Of exactly what it was like
To be enchanted by all we saw.


July 3, 2013

In the twilight
Of our youth
The days grow short
As one revolution
Blends with the next.

The drab fortitude
Of this ever quickening
Change brings despair
And with it
A truly frantic desperation

An undying need
To feel young and loved
A wish to be free
A fleeting hope
That this time won’t pass

But like all lives before
It eventually does
Breaking way
To the mediocracy
Of growing older

With each fleeting moment
The need to stay young grows
Until an explosive realization
That none of this
Will ever be again.