March 31, 2017

Three words
Said too fast
Forgetting their meaning
Lost in the past

Four in reply
The expected course
But this return
Is most often forced

When Love is there
You never know
Some days it’s better
Just to let it grow


March 30, 2017

The reality is seeping in
I lived in a vile, pile of sin
Stranded high by seven laws
Painful truths always claw

Tearing the fabric of my make-believe
Removing the shroud I’d used to deceive
Bare and naked I stand before God
A spitting image, a little odd

My offenses clear as a crystal sky
I told the truth, it was useless to lie
But God did not strike me down
He just smiled while he frowned


March 29, 2017

When will I be back
To my old self
Suffering for not
And wishing for all

When did it change
I’m sure it happened
But not in when
Isn’t it strange?


March 28, 2017

What was that noise there
Behind the old shed’s door
Could it be evil?


March 27, 2017

The lust we once held sacred
Destroyed by our pain

Monsters and mentors

March 26, 2017

When you came to me
Bruised, broken, and not free
I listened deeply

When you walked away
Damned, dangerous, and astray
I cried softly

When I heard you died
Everything simply stopped,
I welled up and cried

It was all too fast
Ephemeral cannot last
Your memory lasts

When and where

March 25, 2017

Wickedly wondering when
The next time will begin
Never knowing now
When where or how
Assured of the absured
He hesitated helpless.
Never to know true love.
Never to know true joy.
Kind kindered confused.
Today became old news.
Never knowing when
Always unaware.
Cold unwanted stare