August 17, 2017

The loudest
Only silent
In death.

All is well

August 16, 2017

Remember that young fool,
Care free and wanting to give lust
Dressed up on a cheap suit
He called love?
Yeah the one the girls told
He could spend the night
If he’d stay and grow old?
Well sir, have you looked
In a mirror as of late?
I hate to break the news
But one of those girls won
And that young fool?
He did lose.
At least in the last lust of love.
By mistake
He stepped in love
And realized the fool he was
Now old, but happy.
All is well.


August 12, 2017

These unsettling days
Seem to number more
As time goes by
This troubled state
At the hilt of war
Pushes further
Into the darkness
Of ego and id
Trying to wag
An imaginary sword
Or something else
Equally pointed
But clearly,
Like the hands
Of a failed leader
Too small
To be noticed


August 9, 2017

The day
I wish
I was
Was the day
I realized
Just keeps
On going
If your age

Lunar love

August 3, 2017

A dark Moon rises
Upon the mountainesque clouds
Illuminating the summit
Unconquerable by man
Or Beast
Alas it’s beauty
Shining pure
Untouched and whole
Save one crew
Who flew
Beyond dreams
To her rocky surface

Lost place

July 28, 2017

The dark place
That she came from
Was no where
To be found
It bled from her
I’ve in veins
Depressive pains
Alas, it was
All she could know
For from where she came
One ought not go

Catch up

July 27, 2017

Catching up
When three runs down
At the bottom of the ninth
Is sometimes
Too much to ask.
Sometimes it happens.