Alone with me

April 11, 2016

Sleep grips me
Passing past my last defence
Plunging the world into darkness
Until I dream
I am without you
Alone in the void
As images slowly materialise
I see you
My love
That smile growing across your sweet pale face
Your curly locks
A heartfelt embrace
And this all occurs
In the shade of the tree
You know the one
Where you are there alone with me


December 1, 2015

Sometimes alone can be peaceful
Other times alone can be sad
Even still, alone can be soothing
Or, alone can lead to darkness
It isn’t in being alone
But in the emptiness that surrounds
When the mind is left to wonder
That the fear begins to come
What if everything that’s happened
Quickly comes undone?

Waiting for What

July 28, 2015

I just feel empty
Like I am purposelessly
Waiting for something

Missing You

July 17, 2015

A loving gaze
A sheepish fright
A slender tongue
A kiss goodnight.

Just hello

March 1, 2015

The invisible man
Alone in his apartment
The bustling city below
He doesn’t have a care
Of what the world has to offer
Nor of what he can offer it
He is content to sit alone
And watch ten thousand lives
Drive silently by on the freeway
Not knowing nor caring
About how he and his type feel
He doesn’t feel empty nor lost
Just unnoticeable by all
If only someone would say hello.

Empty Bed

February 23, 2015

A big double bed
On these cold and lonely nights
Feels truly empty


January 13, 2015

That is it
In my gut
A pit
A stone
A damned large hole
From the inside
Working out
The problem
But never fixed
The feelings
Leaving the issue
Entering the mundane
Leaving the sacred
Filled with pain
Red and violent
Like a sea of blood
But not by us
Never by us.