Winter Chill

November 26, 2015

Long nights
Short days
Winter’s dark
And bitter ways
No sun
Light is lost
Feeling tired
From the frost
Summer’s far
And oh so short
Not enough time
To really court
Love is lost
On lonesome nights
Giving up
To winter’s frights


June 17, 2014

Sun setting
On a rainy day
Leaving misery
In it’s dreary way
If only
The sun would stay
Brightening up
And drying the hay
Making life
Come out and play
But alas
It’s darkened now
The farmer’s asleep
At his plow
The birds silent
Except an owl’s howl
I will make it
To sunrise somehow.

Wicked Weather

March 4, 2014

Dear Canada,

If you don’t
Smarten up
And put on
The damn heat
In the next
Twenty-four hours
I will have to
Resort to
Drastic measures
Like sitting inside
Huddling by
My fireplace
Cursing your name
And I am
Truly sorry,
That isn’t
In my nature.

A Cold
And concerned

Summer Rain

June 22, 2013

Summer rain pouring
Wetting the city streets
Humid perfection

Summer sun

May 25, 2013

A day of sun light
Bittersweet wind kissing my skin
The perfect summer

Dear Sandy

October 29, 2012

Sandy your winds are
Blowing a little too strong
For my own liking

If you wouldn’t mind
Toning it down a little
That would be just great

Thank you very much
For your consideration
The North Americans

Rainy Days

October 28, 2012

Rain all day
And all night
So gross and wet
No sun in sight
I wish it would
End today
But it won’t
I have to pray
Sooner or later
The sun will come
I feel if it doesn’t
I’ll remain glum.
The gloomy weather
Kills my mind
I need some sun
To help me unwind