Coffee and Cigarettes

April 30, 2014

Coffee and smokes
Two endless addictions
Looping together


April 29, 2014

A goal
Never met
But often dreamed
Is nothing more
Than wasted air
Passing through
Wasted lungs
Wishing big
But doing small
In the end
It’ll all fall

In Search of it

April 28, 2014

The perfect drug
Is not ingested
But it engulfs
From loins to brain
And back again
Begging and teasing
Dreaming; dying.
Wanting to feel
That high once more
Chasing the demon;
Chasing the dragon.
Wishing for that fix
Oh just one more
Please! Please!
I’m begging now
Make me feel
Whole again
Remove this itch
And let me be
In serenity
One last time
It’s such a crime
To leave this hollow
This shell
This emptiness
That only hurts
And makes me want
It that much more
That perfection
That unity
The two
That became one
No more.


April 27, 2014

This little white box
Filling rapidly with text
But no real meaning


April 26, 2014

The moment came
When he realized it was not
Her fault but was his


April 25, 2014

Another day done
Counting the hours away
Till the very end


April 24, 2014

Share if you care
If this is shared
More than one billion times
Then God will come
And save us all
Think of the children
Please share
And like this
Because with just
One simple click
The problems of
Your privilege
Will be washed
From your mind
Because you did
Your part