Summer’s Eve

June 30, 2013

A long sleepless night
Followed by a bright cheery day
Summer’s eve is love


June 29, 2013

The butterfly
Graciously fluttered by
As it was naturally inclined to
Slowly swaying sleepily
From here to there
Without a single care
Happy as the summer sun
Until one day
The elusive black kitten
Pounced upon it
Disrupting its path
And turning the shimmering sun
Into a dark overcast blackness
Alas, that is life.


June 28, 2013

At home once again
Winning just like the year passed
A good start Argos

Human After All

June 27, 2013

Who cares
Who marries
Who cares
Who chooses
Who cares
Who ingests
Who cares
Who drinks
Who cares
Who does
We are
All just


June 26, 2013

Down into the ground
Where only the blind will thrive
Seeing means nothing


June 25, 2013

The bar stool profit
Grimy and stinking
Of a rather young whiskey
Smiled as I took a seat
He listened as I bitched
About how
This company or that one
Was overcharging me
For whatever service they gave
After I finished
He paused; collected his thoughts
And rebutted:
“For all the trouble
We all go through
Trying to get
What is best for us.
There are four words
That allow any company
To claim anything
They ever desire
‘Read the fine print’.”

The Moon

June 24, 2013

Goodnight sun
The day grows dark.
Good evening moon
My oldest friend.
The twilight’s ne’er
A place for fright
For it’s with you
I spend my night.
Your glowing face
Stretches ‘cross the sky
It’s a constant race
To find the lie.
For in the ‘morn
When the sun returns
The constant sorrow
Oh it burns.
Regret filled days
Post-sleepless nights
I finally see
Your brightest light.