August 31, 2012

Status measured
By material gain
You are the problem
Making a stain
A dark black mark
On a clean society
Enslaved to possessions
Never truly free.
Trapped by your Mac
Your stereo and tv
All must match
In case other’s see
No faux pas here
Only the real brand
How foolish we’ve become
Since growing this land

The arts

August 30, 2012

A Painters canvas
Is just as powerful as
A writer’s  paper

A Drowning

August 29, 2012

I’m lost.
Completely without direction.
No idea where to go.
Swimming in circles.
Looking for shore.
Sinking slowly.
Sickly feeling.
Stomach turning.
A constant urning.
A need.
Oh I need.
It’s not a want.
It’s more.
I don’t know why.
I don’t know why.
I’m so sore.
Every bit hurts.
Right down to my soul.
I hide it well.
But they all know.
It’s back.
With a vengeance.
Fighting me.
From inside.
Taking flesh.
Turning it to decay.
I cannot stay away.
I need.
Oh how I need.
The water’s of death.
Will drown me soon.
If I don’t drop this needle.
In this spoon.
How I wait.
And wait.
And wait some more.
Praying to God.
Praying to Satan.
Praying to anyone.
Who will actually listen.
Make it stop.
Please make it quit.
The water is rising.
Far too quick.
I can’t get out.
My hand reaches.
One final grasp.
Then slowly.
Then surely.
My fingers slip.
Below the surface.
And a final surge.
Some bubbles.
Then silence.
Still water.
Still life.
As all fades.


August 28, 2012

Some people ask
More than they should
They don’t understand
That this isn’t good.

You should never take
Unless you give in return
In the end
This is a lesson learned

With respect
You will gain more
Than if you go
For the quick score.

Finding a way
To help out all
Is the best way
To not take a fall.


August 27, 2012

Final feeling
Of disconnect
No longer caring
Or having respect
Only hurting
From deep inside
Wishing to run
Wishing to hide
But no longer there
In the literal sense
A void of feeling
No ability to repent
For she is gone
And will always be
For the first time
I can clearly see

Last Night

August 26, 2012

Last night
I gazed into the sky
And saw the moon
Last night
I silently cried
Life ended so soon.

Last night
I saw where you stood
And I just knew.
Last night
I realized I could
Touch the moon too.

Last night
I said a payer
For your soul
Last night
I was aware
Your life was so full.
RIP Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)


August 25, 2012

Memories change
Just like the places they happened
Life moves on while memory sits
Wishing to stay in that moment
For all eternity.
But it never really does
It just drifts on with the wind of time
And the decay of regret
Wishing sometimes to just forget
But again we can’t
Memory is a part of us
It may play games but it stays
Even long after we thought it was gone
Maybe one day we will understand why
Until then I must sit and wonder