Always a fight

June 13, 2015

This is not the time
To question what is right,
Why does it always
Come down to a fight?
No matter what happens
Can’t we just be friends,
Helping each other progress
More than means to ends.
But alas it never is
A possibility with you,
No Mayer how hard we try
This just is not true.
I wish we could make it right
Work through all this wrong,
But by the end I can tell
Neither of us is strong.
So we just fight and fight
Kicking and screaming more,
By the time all is done
We are both battered and sore.

Cannot forget

May 8, 2015

I want to change the world.

I feel that there is no other way
To progress thought and idea
From neurons to words
To actions and change.

I want to change myself

I feel that there is no other way
To keep you close to me
From skin on skin
To our mortal sin.

I want to change this city

I feel there is no other way
To prove the beauty is here
From bluffs to valleys
To beautiful minds.

I want to change it all

I feel there is no other way
To make myself feel okay
From the pain and suffering
To all I regret. I cannot forget.

Make it out

February 5, 2015

Sleep deprived
But still alive
Moving on is hard

Miss a chance
And take a stance
Wager on some cards

Life’s a game
It’s no shame
When things go wrong

Get off the floor
Go at it some more
You just got to stay strong

Broken Bowl

December 22, 2014

Sweeping up
This broken bowl
With the broom in my hand
Like I’ve swept up
So many more before it
I realize
At the end of it all
If all that needs replacing
Is a bowl or a glass
And if the bond that
Holds us together
Is stronger than
Some dish crashed
Upon the hardwood floor
Then it was worth
Every shard.

Stop and Start

December 9, 2014

Quit acting
Like every word
In every fight
Is the gospel
Start learning
It’s absurd
It’s not alright
It’s awful.


November 11, 2014

Show me what
We’ve become
Tell me why
It’s come undone.
Show me what
We could’ve been
Tell me why
It’s never seen.
Show me what
You wished to have
Tell me why
It was so bad.
Show me all
You never knew
Tell me why
You couldn’t stay true.

Eyes of the Beholder

December 19, 2012

Often sought; but ne’er found
Loving you is so profound
Early comes the cold ground.