July 7, 2016

Existing or not
The world keeps on turning
Skeptics never do

In the end

May 25, 2016

What dreams await
In the land of not
Where I shall lay
When body rot
What shall happen
As time goes by
And my body sits
Still to die
What new adventure
Will I take
When I no longer
Can be awake
What shall be
When I am not
And lay to rest
Becoming rot?

Lost Soul

August 17, 2013

Wondering about
Looking in each nook and cranny
Never living life


May 15, 2013

Can a poem reference itself?
A monotonous inner dialogue
Of its own creation?
Can the words absolve one
From their darkest thoughts?
And can a poem be
That light, growing brighter
Through the cracks in the bricks
Laid and mortared by its author?
Can the words keep coming
From a place less known?
Are the questions
Even its to ask?
But they are indeed,
For even in self reference
It can exceed the thought
Of the creator.
If only it were understood.

The Answer

May 9, 2013

The answer isn’t
At the bottom of the bottle.
It isn’t
Under the mountains of food.
It isn’t
Behind those dumbbells at the gym.
The answer isn’t
Cashed with that big check.
It isn’t
Found on your friend’s wall.
It isn’t
In the holy scriptures.
The answer is
Within us all.
It just needs
Each and everyone of us
To cease to hurt
Cease to hate
Cease to destroy
Cease to pity
And cease to demean.
It just takes one.

Death’s Kiss

February 24, 2013

Flirt with death
Take a breath
Hold it tight
Shaking the night
Burn inside
Try and hide
But death sees you
Knows it true
Hard fast play
Stray away
Breath can’t come
Sit and stare dumb
Pointless fright
Kissed by death’s light.

Life or Death

December 17, 2012

Life and death
A start; An end
Polar opposites
Or perfect pair?
Life but a catalyst
For death;
And death for life.
Nothing differs
More greatly,
But nothing is
So symmetrically
As life and death.
The two reasons
We strive for survival;
For without one
Or the other
We simply
Wouldn’t be.