See you at the tree

December 23, 2015

Goodnight my dear
May you sleep deeply
Below the brightest stars
May you have beautiful dreams
And a wonderful relaxation
May we meet again
Below the tree of our sleep
And branch out
Embracing beneath the leaves

But in a Dream

November 27, 2015

Until we meet
On the other side
In the land of not
Where reality leaks
Out the pores
Of some alternate place
Where all have been
Yet none have existed
To the land oft forgot
And never touched
With an open eye
Where we shall meet
Again tonight

Dream of You

August 6, 2015

Lips of red
Words are said
Warm small kiss
How I miss
Soft touch graze
In a haze
I dream of you
I hope it’s true
That you do too


July 27, 2015

Sleep slides slowly
From heavy lids
To slow breaths
Eventually darkening
The world
Leaving little more
Than a surreal sight
Something from Dali
Or perhaps Magritte
Eventually returning
To the light
Of another morning
Sun rising up
Above the horizon
Returning you
To reality

Shared Adventure

July 26, 2015

It’s late.
Nearly three.
Soon you’ll lay
Your head next to me.
To the land of sleep
We will take ride
Holding you
My greatest pride.
As we travel
From dream to dream.
I fly with you
On a moonbeam.
The love I feel
Is so strong.
I feel you staying
For so long.


February 19, 2013

Stepping stones
Built of bones
The passage is so dark.

But full of bliss
On an adventure you’ll embark.

Wound around
Coming down
The dragons must be slayed.

Long night sleep
Dreamer’s keep
The memories are replayed.


October 31, 2012

Sleeping deep
In my bed
Hand on chest
Dreams in head.

Powerful fright
Of this dark night
A shiver expels
As you see daylight.

Waking you from your dream
Reality and fantasy held by seem
Your eyes fly open
And you release a scream.

The darkness was real
In your mind you can feel
The texture of it so true
It will take time to heal.