Another year

December 31, 2014

The bar stool prophet
Looked sad
This new year’s eve
As he sat there
Sipping some gut rot
Or another
As I grabbed the stool
Next to his
And kicked up my feet
I said happy new year
And may it be better than the last
He turned to new
With a wry look
And said in a slight slur
Quote me on it
The new year’ll come
And these fat cats
Will still be
counting their green
As these poor saps
Are begging for tarnished
Nickels, quarters, and dimes


December 30, 2014

A cool soft breeze
Blowing your hair off your face
Showing your sorrow

Battering Ram

December 29, 2014

You batter down
My emotions door
Forcing in
Till I’m nothing more
A hollow shell
Filled with glass
The battering
Means nothing will last.


December 28, 2014

The day just goes on
Never ending; enduring more
Than the hours allow


December 27, 2014

I never seem
To just quit
Even when
I don’t give a shit.
I always push
To keep on strong
Long after
The emotions are gone.
I never am
Able to last
When you keep
Dredging up the past
It’s the same fight
With another one
Everything slowly
Just comes undone.


December 26, 2014

This is the final
Straw that broke the camel’s back
I just can’t do it


December 25, 2014

My first christmas
Without you
Since I was a child
You made Santa
Come to life
Enchanted in your mind
Spoken so fondly
It’s with a tear
That I think back
So solemnly
On years of smiles
Laughs and gifts
Your love and caring
Will always be missed