Three Years

February 28, 2013

Today marks the third anniversary of this blog. It has been a long, strange and often challenging experience to post daily for these past three years. I am still up in the air as to whether I will continue to write daily. For now, until I decide, I guess I will keep at it. Thank you all for your constant support and dedicated reading. Without the feedback, this blog would not have made it this long. With over 1000 posts, and 1500 comments, I must say that you truly are what drives me to continue this project. Now let me leave you with a poem (totally unrelated to this event):

The Blond wisp
Of her haggard hair
Rotting around
The grey line
Of her jowl-less jaw
The faint feel
Of her freckle-less face
The empty eyes
Drooping deep within
The misplaced mouth
With its gangrenous grin
Begging for a fix
Far too thin
The killer cackle
From her choked up chest
As her soft smoke
Billows and blows
Dearest death
Sits still and silent
Waiting to suddenly strike
Eliminating this waste
Of a once normal life.


February 27, 2013

Waiting for my love
Praying for a safe return
Miles and miles away


February 26, 2013

Growing fears
Rising tears
Lost hope
Can’t cope

The aches and pains
Like heavy rains
Washing away
The ability to pray

All hope gone
No light of dawn
Just an empty head
Begging to be dead

Without you near
What can I hold dear
It all seems wrong
I am not so strong.


February 25, 2013

A little ball
Of lint.
Completely lost
In the chlorine
Of yesterday
Devoid of owner
Sadly forgotten
And taken away
By the filter.

Death’s Kiss

February 24, 2013

Flirt with death
Take a breath
Hold it tight
Shaking the night
Burn inside
Try and hide
But death sees you
Knows it true
Hard fast play
Stray away
Breath can’t come
Sit and stare dumb
Pointless fright
Kissed by death’s light.


February 23, 2013

Preparing it all
Must look absolutely great
No time for changes

Snow Fall

February 22, 2013

The snow is falling
Covering the autumns grass
So long sweet summer