Chess like

June 30, 2016


Moving in
Thinking more
Got to go
Just before

The pressure builds
Need to make a move
The queen is open
The king is too
Which way do you go?

Quickly to enter check
Or take the queen
Make it tough
And end the game slow


Here and tgere

June 29, 2016

Change is always here
Everyday a little more
So slow but still there

My love

June 28, 2016

Life can pass so fast
In moments like this
You have to slow
And make them last

The radiating glow
Of a thousand stars
Doesn’t compare
To your beauty

I am so fortunate
To have found you
My anchor, my diamond
My love.


June 27, 2016

I stopped to think
Before I left
Was it right
Or was it theft
To take the heart
And hold it.

Sometimes I forget
To stop and think
When mind is blurry
From the drink
Reason is oft

In the end we must stop
Break the cycle to fix
What’s wrong
In life there isn’t just tricks
But also the magic
Of living.

Falling again

June 26, 2016

These days with you here
Will always be held so dear
In my memories


June 25, 2016

The magic in the air
As two hearts join
In a stronger bond
Holding closer
For long and long
Never forgetting
How it was then
Always feeling
And knowing when
The melding of souls
Was finally complete
How wonderful it was
That two did meet


June 24, 2016

Getting closer to
Always holding you close and
Being next to you