Stale Mate

May 31, 2011

You move your pawn
But its taken by my king
Leaving everything
In a stalemate.

Tomorrow at dawn
This whole game
Of who is to blame
Will finally change state

For in my head
It has all ended now
You may not see how
But I move my final piece

It fills you with dread
That my knight is there
You see that you were unaware
As I pull down the fleece


My Favourite Friends

May 30, 2011

I have this little kangaroo
Who loves to hop around
All day she bounces off the walls
Going up and down.
But when the sun is setting high
She lays her head to rest.
Then in the morning she is up again
Bouncing her very best!

I have this little giraffe
Who loves to look around
All day she ponders where to look
Her head so far from ground.
But when the sun is setting high
She lays her head to rest.
Then in the morning she is up again
Looking her very best!

I have this little child
Who loves to play all day
All day she claps and sings along
Her happiness ne’er sways.
But when the sun is setting high
She lays her head to rest.
Then in the morning she is up again
Playing with the rest!

Lost At Sea

May 29, 2011

Lost at sea?
Oh foolish me.
How could you be
You’re lying to me.

Six feet out
Why do you shout?
Wearing that pout
Won’t get you out.

The trouble you’re in?
Let’s say the ice is thin
Hold on to that tin
They might let you in.

Took too long?
Why is that wrong?
I came on too strong
So you said ‘so long’

What started this fight
As our words ignite
Erupting out of sight
Oh I guess you are right.

Lost at sea?
I guess you’ll be
Until the next fool you see
Gets word from me.


A Liar’s State

May 28, 2011

Slowly descending
From her perch of peace
Never ascending
To busy pulling fleece
Over the eyes
Of her prey
With so many lies
Yet they stay.
Unaware of where
She is headed
But if they stare
At her lies they dreaded
They would see
All she tried
Would never fix thee
So she lied



May 27, 2011

Reaching in deep
In the heap
For the goal
The greatest toll
For another one
Is so much fun!


Weathered Beauty

May 26, 2011

Her pale skin,
Smooth and soft
As the day she was born.
Her red lips,
Dry and damaged
But still serene.
Her gray eyes,
Soft and seductive
Like those of the nymph.
Her blonde hair,
Dirty and damaged,
But still beautiful.
Her slender legs,
Powerful and perfect
Set to the ground.
Her pulse-less wrist,
Cold and clammy
Laying on the site
Of her death.


A Blaze

May 25, 2011

Fear as bright
As a clear white light
Burning closer still.
watching ember spill.

On a darker day
They lit the hay
To watch the harvest moon.
But it all burnt too soon.

Another week
It took all the meek
To follow on horse back.
Unsure where to attack.

In the end
They did fiend
To keep their streets ablaze.
Lost fortunes in the haze.