Human Nature

November 30, 2015

What makes us think
That it’s okay
To treat each other
In such awful ways
What makes us think
It’s alright
To hurt each other
And start dumb fights
What makes us think
That it’s just fine
To stick each other
Like farmland swine
What makes us think
We are all so bad
Human nature
Is very sad

Grey Cup

November 29, 2015

Edmonton wins it
The grey cup is over now
Until the next year


November 28, 2015

It’s Saturday now
And nothing is similar
To Monday morning

But in a Dream

November 27, 2015

Until we meet
On the other side
In the land of not
Where reality leaks
Out the pores
Of some alternate place
Where all have been
Yet none have existed
To the land oft forgot
And never touched
With an open eye
Where we shall meet
Again tonight

Winter Chill

November 26, 2015

Long nights
Short days
Winter’s dark
And bitter ways
No sun
Light is lost
Feeling tired
From the frost
Summer’s far
And oh so short
Not enough time
To really court
Love is lost
On lonesome nights
Giving up
To winter’s frights


November 25, 2015

The lies
Are pouring out
From both sides
Fueling this insanity
Incinerating reality
Into indiscernible lies
Breaking form
Crashing apart
Pointing fingers
All over
The largest pissing match
Since the days of our


November 24, 2015

I am so tired
Tired of the atrocities
Plaguing our world