This other way

July 31, 2016

Sometimes the mundane
Is all we have
To push us forward
And make it OK

Sometimes it’s the routine
That locks us in
Makes us feel safe
As of it’s OK

Sometimes it’s the lies
We must tell ourselves
To keep on being
Like it’s OK

Sometimes we realise
It’s not OK
And the world just is
This other way

July 30, 2016

Spending time with you
Keeping me feeling alive
You are just perfect


July 29, 2016

It’s hard to keep up
When this world changes fast
Leaving us behind

Time of day

July 28, 2016

Some days are trying
Others feel more rewarding
Sadly some just lull


July 27, 2016

It seems like the darkness
Just grows and grows
The greys become blacks
And what once had details
Becomes nothingness
The result is a loss
Of all information
Left without options
Nothing seems okay

Back to normal

July 26, 2016

The world is falling apart
Everything seems off
No matter where we are
Something seems to be wrong
Death, suffering, pain
Pointless foolish ideas
And nothing but deceit
How can we ever get back
To reality


July 25, 2016

This world is damned
With all the things
We’ve managed to do
It seems as if
We no longer can
Make it worse
Soon enough
It’ll all be done
And in the end
No one will’ve won