November 30, 2013

The greatest idea
Was found under a layer
Of delicious malt

Performance Employment

November 29, 2013

We here at corporate Inc.
Have decided that you
Employee number 956325
Will be placed
In an arbitrary fight
To the death
With your coworker
Employee number 365651
We know he is old
And getting a little frail
But it is performance time
And who cares about
Ethics, personal relationships,
Health and well being, etc
At the end of the day
We are a performance-based employer
And as such
We would like to see
Your ultimate performance.
If you decline
We will fire you
Take away your house
Your car, your wife
Your life, your income
And have you
Completely black listed
Within the industry.
But not directly.
Legal will take care of that.


November 28, 2013

A solitary
Kiss planted oh so smoothly
On your waiting lips


November 27, 2013

Style and flow
Loss of control
A beat a drop
Heart will stop.
Dance around
Feel the sound
Rock on out
Laugh and shout.
Play it loud
Sing so proud
Follow along
It’s the best song.
Party all night
Until daylight
Live and learn
Dance and burn.

Beside Me

November 26, 2013

Without you by me
I don’t know what I can do
To feel so alive


November 25, 2013

This thing
Inside my head
Feelings of pain
Horror and dread.
Leaching in
From it off sight
Destroying me
Entrenched in fright.
Unsure where
I can turn
Safety is gone
How I yearn.
To have you
Back in my arm
Finally free
From all the harm.


November 24, 2013

The only thing
Worth writing about.
Warm winter weeps.
Between dark sheets.
A bedroom of love.
The dark flow of your hair.
Lushes red lips.
Oh do I dare.
Make a move.
Slippery and smooth.
Toss away time.
Between rhythm and rhyme.
Heating up.
Summer’s warmth.
Souls of fire.
The night.
Then it all
Cools down.
Plane touches down.
Chilly night’s back.
Time to unwrap.