But in a Dream

November 27, 2015

Until we meet
On the other side
In the land of not
Where reality leaks
Out the pores
Of some alternate place
Where all have been
Yet none have existed
To the land oft forgot
And never touched
With an open eye
Where we shall meet
Again tonight

Meeting Blind

April 16, 2014

After so much talking
To finally see your face
Brings fear into my heart
What if it’s all a big lie
What if none of it is as it seems
What if I dislike something
That text never could portray
What if what if what if
This question keeps flying
Through my head
Faster and faster spinning
In a spiral out of control
Oh how will I ever know?
I guess I must
Go through with it
Wish me luck: I’ll need it.

The Meeting

April 8, 2014

Back in that dark and dreary bar
Gazing over at me
As I enter the door
Is the bar stool prophet
In all his cigarette filled
And alcohol covered wisdom
He pushes out the stool beside him
And I oblige, and take seat
He smiles and says:
“No wisdom for tonight
I think I’ve used it all up.
I just want to give you
A friendly reminder
That no matter who
You meet, you never
Know their true value
Until you pull up a stool,
Shut your mouth
And listen.”
I took a sip of my beer
And politely obliged.

Business as Usual

October 25, 2010

Meeting starts right at 10,
Location the bedroom.
Walk in and remove your pants
Hop in the bed and start our dance
Lights off strictly at 1
This is when the talking starts
Say a point not too hard
Touch a wound where it scarred
Fight starts at 2:15
Don’t be late for the big scene
Yell and say I should split
Then hold me like you give a shit
Pass out at 5 to 3
Dream of all the pain
All the hurt you make me
How I am trapped not free
Wake up at 10 after nine
Act as if all is fine.
Yes our love is just business as usual.