May 2, 2017

Slowly shutting off
Brain and body are exhausted
It is time for sleep

Goodnight my dear

August 8, 2016

The gentle beat
Of your beautiful heart
The shallow breathing
It’s a start
Of restful sleep
Tonight you’ll get
I love you dearly
Don’t forget

Dream world

April 28, 2016

Slipping into sleep
The land of truly endless

Goodnight Kiss

March 6, 2016

Your skin on mine
Feeling so fine
I love it like you
Oh so true
Your feeling fine
Not just cause you’re mine
Tight in my arm
Away from all harm
A gentle kiss goodnight
Left without fright
To enter the land of dreams
Dance away all that screams
Into the serenity of sleep
I hope it’s nice and deep

But in a Dream

November 27, 2015

Until we meet
On the other side
In the land of not
Where reality leaks
Out the pores
Of some alternate place
Where all have been
Yet none have existed
To the land oft forgot
And never touched
With an open eye
Where we shall meet
Again tonight

My side

August 28, 2015

As you sleep on me
I think how great it really is
That you’re on my side


July 27, 2015

Sleep slides slowly
From heavy lids
To slow breaths
Eventually darkening
The world
Leaving little more
Than a surreal sight
Something from Dali
Or perhaps Magritte
Eventually returning
To the light
Of another morning
Sun rising up
Above the horizon
Returning you
To reality