Climate change

March 31, 2016

When the dust settled
And all the doubters emerged
Only the truth remained
Of which they thought the most absurd
So they walked away
Back to their sheltered houses
Hoping beyond hope
That the next time they came out
The science would be gone
And their truth would hold true


March 30, 2016

Exhausted again
Feeling the weeks drain on by
As I run empty

A different Issue

March 29, 2016

I am not in the mood
To write down
Another trivial tale
Starting at some
Scrupulous event
Leading on towards
An inevitable ending
Where upon some comic
Tragedy strikes
And the one you thought good
Is soiled


March 28, 2016

Another night
Sleeping soundly
Next to you
Your lush smooth skin
Rubbing across mine
A feeling divine
Your hair haphazardly flows
Across your pillow
Dark brown on grey
Against the subtly pale skin
Soft, smooth, sensual
I long for these nights
On those you are not here
God how you make me feel


March 27, 2016

I feel so awful
Coughing, sneezing, and hacking
Burning up inside


March 26, 2016

Family time
Spent close
Chatting, eating
And enjoying
So much love
Feeling blessed
To be a part
Of something bigger

It’ll be OK

March 25, 2016

The days are long
The nights are short
But staying strong
Is hard.

Summer is near
Spring time now
Don’t you fear
My child.

Sundays prayer
Mondays fight
Seems so fair

Cry on out
Scream if you must
Just shout
It’ll be OK.