The count

December 27, 2017

Family time
Makes me smile
And joy
Watching eachother grow
As we move along
This beam of life
Venturing further
As age continues to count
But not as much
As it once did

Lost Summers

October 12, 2017

what happened to days
of carefree smiles
tossed hair
and forgotten classes
time spent together
loving and losing
and not really caring
who wasn’t there
for all that mattered
was those who were.


August 10, 2017

Brick by Brick
You build a wall
Beyond the realm
Of where I fell
Trapped away
In this courtyard
Of pain
Not sure how
You got me here
Brick on brick
It keeps going up
Until the end
It will erupt

Any other way

February 16, 2016

Sometimes I think
I’m all alone
Sometimes I think
What have I done
To disserve you;
Someone so kind
And so sure in her way
So happy to be there
To comfort and say
All is alright
And it is okay
You wouldn’t have me
Any other way

My Dear

February 15, 2016

A smile slips
From lips to lips
Reminding us
Of sinking ships

Emotions roar
And rear their heads
A fleeting smile
Found in bed

Forgetting now
What could be wrong
Remembering to
Stay real strong

It’s easily done
With you right here
Keeping me happy
And being a dear

Getting Old

December 18, 2015

It’s been so long
But to meet again
And see the change
Is truly amazing
How much we age
How much we moved
How far we’ve come
Since kids in the basement
Arguing over what song
To download off Napster
To adults standing in the halls
Decide when to invest and divest
Really puts life in perspective

Fixing my thoughts

November 12, 2015

As long as there is air
Entering my lungs
As long as there is life
Pulsing in my veins
As long as I’m here
And feeling truly sane
As long as I know
Your touch is coming
As long as I feel
You will be here soon
As long as we are together
It’ll all be okay