The Fool’s Tale

May 11, 2015

All this time
The dark was my comfort
My blanket of security
Secluded in the shadows
Away from what was wrong
Hiding there in plain sight
Praying to stay hidden
From the obscenities
Caused by myself alone
I guess I am the fool
Who saw darkness in the light

Cannot forget

May 8, 2015

I want to change the world.

I feel that there is no other way
To progress thought and idea
From neurons to words
To actions and change.

I want to change myself

I feel that there is no other way
To keep you close to me
From skin on skin
To our mortal sin.

I want to change this city

I feel there is no other way
To prove the beauty is here
From bluffs to valleys
To beautiful minds.

I want to change it all

I feel there is no other way
To make myself feel okay
From the pain and suffering
To all I regret. I cannot forget.

Never any good

March 22, 2015

I’ve never been good
At expressing myself.
Emotions spill out
And role off the shelf.

I’ve never been good
At understanding others.
It’s challenged me
To empathise with my brother.

I’ve never been good
At feeling like me.
I live in fear
Of what you’ll all see.

I’ve never been good
At much of anything.
Feeling empty
Can really sting.

Sunday Night

February 15, 2015

Some days I find my thoughts drifting
Pushing away from reality
And into the what ifs
The what I could have done
How I focused too hard on me
And in the process lost so much
If I would have been more selfless
I would have seen you more at the end
Held your hand, been your friend
But the more time that passes
The more I realize you were always there
Waiting for my call
But I was never dialling you
Only thinking about it
So many missed conversations
So much lost wisdom
And nobody to blame but myself
On cold and lonely Sunday nights
I think of you with tears running down my cheeks
Realising how much you meant to me
I love you Grandma, forever I will.


February 4, 2015

A damaged dish
A damaged dream
A damaged heart
A damaged thing.

A broken dish
A broken dream
A broken heart
A broken thing.

A shattered dish
A shattered dream
A shattered heart
A shattered thing.

A fix for one
A solution for two
But the final is
A final view.


January 13, 2015

That is it
In my gut
A pit
A stone
A damned large hole
From the inside
Working out
The problem
But never fixed
The feelings
Leaving the issue
Entering the mundane
Leaving the sacred
Filled with pain
Red and violent
Like a sea of blood
But not by us
Never by us.

The last time

January 5, 2015

Letters from lovers lost
Left opened and stained
With tears of regret
Causing the ink to bubble
And burst into soggy fireworks
Faded to that washed out blue
Of the last time she said ‘I love you’