Another life

March 21, 2016

Times can be hard
And others just tell you
To soldier on through
They never stop
And ask you how you feel
If one of us noticed
And asked what was wrong
Maybe it’d be different
we know you were strong
But sometimes it’s hard
To keep on pushing through
We hope you found
A path that was right

A total loss

February 8, 2016

Not a day goes by
Where I don’t think of you
Watching I’ve from above
Missing me like I miss you
Not a year passes
When I don’t look to you
For advice I would have wanted
Had you still been here
Not a moment goes on
Without a strong wish
That for even a brief minute
You could be here
So I could say
I love you
One more time

Finding You Again

November 11, 2015

Everything is exactly the same
But it isn’t
The sky is green
The grass is blue
Sometimes your here
But other times not;
It’s these I worry
And long for the most
To think of you fondly
And not as a ghost
The surreality of life
Mirrored in dream
It is always murky
And not as it seems


August 16, 2015

A world without you
Is a tough reality
We all get by slowly
But it is hard for us
You brought more smiles
To more faces
Than most could
Even given twice the years
You had

Working on it

August 14, 2015

I sometimes wonder
How I will make it further
Now that you are gone

Another Day

August 13, 2015

Thinking of you
Three hundred
Sixty six days later
Still cannot believe
You are gone.

I remember when
We used to be so close
I remember when
We could go months without talking
And start back up like no time went by
I remember when
We spoke several times a year
Keeping up with each others families
And knowing details of each others lives
I remember when
The space between thinking of talking to you
And actually picking up the phone
Was measured in days or weeks
Not in the years it’s become
I remember when
We used to be freinds.