Low Man

January 23, 2016

Some days the world seems
To be open and available and vast
Other days it doesn’t leave these four walls
I feel trapped and alone
Even with others here, I feel empty
Not really sure
Where you all went
If it’s my sins, I swear I’ll repent
It was never my choice
To be this way
Some days I just feel low
So low.

The end of it all

September 3, 2014

The rain I feel softly flowing down my cheeks
Even with the sky full of sun
It clouds my eyes and stops the light
From ever racing my heart
I feel the hollow ebb of something long due but never wanted
I feel the emptiness of demoralizing defeat
Dammed to this eternal anguish not even apathy can defeat
As the tears flow freely I feel fear following fast
Reminding me that with ever ticking time not even perfection lasts

Romance is Dead

June 6, 2014

Romance is dead.
Gone like the greats.
Buried in a shallow grave.
No more light.
No more breath.
Just a generation.
Of wants not needs.
Self service staggers on.
Long after last call.
Hoping tonight.
True love will knock.
But alas it won’t.
Romance is dead.
Not yet forgotten.
But no longer alive.
No longer showing care.
No longer helping.
Shining sweet sunlight.
Wherever darkness was.
Allowing happiness.
Passion and hope.
Alas romance is dead.


April 7, 2014

The way you make me feel
None of this can be real
I wish I had the confidence
Then I would get off this stupid fence
Make my mark and stand my ground
Hold you tight all around
But I am weak and too afraid
It’s been to oft that I’ve been played
No longer thinking of my lust
Thinking now of misplaced trust
I’d rather the hollow of nothing at all
Then the pain of another great fall
I’ve learned my lesson hard and slow
That it isn’t easy to just let go
But sometimes you must walk away
There isn’t a point to simply stay


March 31, 2014

Wondering alone
Through a sea of emptiness
In search of shore


February 25, 2014

A lack of contact
Feeling alone
No one here
Not a soul
No phone flashing
No one thinking
Just emptiness
Trapped and alone
Looking out
To no where
Realizing there is nothing
Nothing at all
We are at the end
Of the line
And there is nothing
Nothing left.


April 12, 2013

Empty inside without you
Unsure what to do
I miss you