April 30, 2013

Dead end
No turn
No escape
Like the rabbit
Moving quick
Then stopped
Never to move


April 29, 2013

Final embrace
As the edge
And life suspends
It ends
It ends
That’s the truth
Words can claim
To know what’s next
But really they’re as
And on
Same old song
No one knows
Where we go
A different view
For every few
But all leave doubt

Impossible Pleasing

April 28, 2013

Running away fast
Always trying to forget
Her troublesome past

On uneven ground
She always forgets to look
Hard pavement is found

Bleeding from torn knees
She cries out in utter dismay
She just wants to please


April 27, 2013

Lady Tee
Wishing you
The absolute best
On the day
You became.


April 26, 2013

Empty heart
Empty eyes
Fresh start
Fresh lies

Circle round
Same game
Not profound
More a shame

Fool me once
Fool me twice
I may be dunce
Should follow advice

After all
There isn’t blame
When hearts are broken
Only shame


April 25, 2013

A bird flies due north
Ending a very long winter
Finally it’s Spring

Free Thought

April 24, 2013

Wait and see
Oh little one
Your parents value
The smoking gun
Doesn’t mean
You have to though
Make your own choice
don’t be a foe
Every second
You choose to hate
Is a second gone;
Too late.
You don’t get
A second chance
So get it right
Take your stance.
Think for you
Not what they say
Plan it out
Day by day.
Sometimes the line
Between right and wrong
Is hard to see
It is not drawn
But as you age
Wise you’ll become
As long as you think
And don’t play dumb.