A Year

December 31, 2011

A year of challenge
A year of change
A year of accomplishment
A year so strange.
A year of love
A year of life
A year of consciousness
A year less strife.
A year of strength
A year of success
A year of astonishment
A year without duress.


December 30, 2011

Heart pumping
Blood running
Fast pace
Sweat of face
Move fast
Can’t last
Who will win
This race
Who will win
This race.

A Solemn Path

December 29, 2011

The wind blows a solemn path
Through the shrill forest way
Snow building up on either side
Not a safe place to stay.

The night moves on at a howling pace
Moon and stars shine bright
The eddies howl oh so bold
Bringing the children fright.

Another dark winter’s storm
Passing along the ground
In the morning the ice will shine
Making the world look profound

Nature’s switch from dark to light
Happens all too fast
As the snow comes pouring down
We know winter won’t last.


December 28, 2011



December 27, 2011

Passing out
After yet another
Over sized Christmas dinner
Sleeping it off
Quietly snoring
In the early evening
Dreaming of sugar plums
And other delights
As my body
Slowly burns
The Tryptophan

Fatal Attraction

December 26, 2011

Expenses and debts
Ups and downs
Back and forth
Slow and fast
Seem to attract.
One wants more
The other less
Creating unruly
Amounts of stress
Another day
And another still
Still haven’t found
Their own free will
Before it gets better
It will get worse
Before too long
They will be in a herse.


December 25, 2011

Once every year
We celebrate christmas time
A sharing of gifts

Once every year
We rejoice over a feast
With family and friends

Celebrating all
The reason doesn’t matter
It’s the thought that counts