Nothing is New

July 31, 2015

Too many connections
Too much time
Too many problems
Too much crime
Not enough solutions
Not enough chances
Not enough people
Not enough stances
Too many dreamers
Too few do
Too many demands
Nothing new

Do you feel?

July 30, 2015

Do you ever feel
Like no one can hear
Your cries for help?
Do you ever feel
Like you are alone
And no one cares?
Do you ever feel
Like it’s all empty
And nothing will help?
Do you ever feel
At all?

You make me feel

July 29, 2015

You make me feel
Like nothing can go wrong
Even when it does
We still get along

You make me feel
Like I can be okay
Even when it’s tough
I know you will stay

You make me feel
Like happiness can be found
Changing my views
Is something rather profound

Waiting for What

July 28, 2015

I just feel empty
Like I am purposelessly
Waiting for something


July 27, 2015

Sleep slides slowly
From heavy lids
To slow breaths
Eventually darkening
The world
Leaving little more
Than a surreal sight
Something from Dali
Or perhaps Magritte
Eventually returning
To the light
Of another morning
Sun rising up
Above the horizon
Returning you
To reality

Shared Adventure

July 26, 2015

It’s late.
Nearly three.
Soon you’ll lay
Your head next to me.
To the land of sleep
We will take ride
Holding you
My greatest pride.
As we travel
From dream to dream.
I fly with you
On a moonbeam.
The love I feel
Is so strong.
I feel you staying
For so long.


July 25, 2015

Love is here tonight
Blessing all who wish for it
Dreams are coming true