Lost and Found

April 30, 2012

I find myself
On the road again
After too many
Days away.

I lost myself
Down below again
The angels sung
Then went away.

I saved myself
Without you again
Days grow long
As I throw it away.

I left myself
On the edge again
The only place
I can get away.

Hand’s in Your Pocket

April 29, 2012

Why do we elect
People from the
Top percentile
To make choices
For the rest?
Their pockets
Grow deeper
With every vote
Yet that money
Isn’t coming
From no where.


April 28, 2012

Love and pain
Are the same
Powerful strong
Last so long
Year in and out
Scream or shout
Ecstasy or sorrow
Time you borrow
‘Cause in the end
You lose a friend
Time runs out
Without a doubt
But light goes on
Long after it’s gone
It’s just the way
That it will stay.

Just Remember

April 27, 2012

That numb you feel
Will pass with time
Just remember
She committed the crime.
It’s not your fault
She treated you bad
Just remember
It’s okay to feel sad.
You are strong
And a resilient man
Just remember
God has a plan.
She is the problem
None of it’s true
Just remember
We all love you.
James, we are here for you. Through good and bad.


April 26, 2012

Pinch of salt
Splash of oil
Cup of flour
Bring to boil.
Dash of sugar
And some spice.
Pull it out
Serve on ice.


April 25, 2012

A real problem
Faced by more
Every day.
Building faster
Than we care
To understand
No compassion
Just anxiety
Numbers and letters
Through space
And time
Until we no longer
Can handle
Any of it.

The Void

April 24, 2012

Into the void
The place
Where time dies
And emptiness surrounds
The place
Where pain enters
And death feels near

Into the void
The place
Where hate harbors
And anger awaits
The place
Where lunacy looks
And insanity creates

Into the void
The place
Where mind dies
And children cry
The place
Where hearts stop
And the end begins.