World of Life

October 31, 2010

The world is sparse
When you lay alone.
Life is a farce
As time has shown.

The world isn’t ok
If you believe
Life is the way
People enter and leave

The world is vast
When you look back
Life is fast
Everyone will crack

The world is forever
If you die
Life is clever
Every bit a lie

The world is dark
When you cry
Life left its mark
We all see why


October 30, 2010

A total loss
Missing everything in life
Hurting our own
For success

Now and Then

October 29, 2010

Gone are the days of my happy ways
Here are the days of my distant gaze.
Gone are the memories of sanctity
Here are the memories of stinging bees.
Gone are the friends I loved to no ends
Here are the friends who will stab my bends.
Gone are my smiles only frowns for miles
Here are my smiles hiding my emotional dials.
Gone is my life of love and strife
Here is my life of pain brought by a knife.
Gone is the world I once loved
Here is the hell where I was shoved.


October 28, 2010

That quiet little hum
When there is nothing at all
But total silence

Hard Questions

October 27, 2010

What is right?
What is wrong?
Who is to fight
This battle long

What is left?
What is gone?
Who is to say
The war is on

What is life?
What is death?
Who had both
Took final breath

What is awake?
What is asleep?
Who’s life entered
From in the deep.

What is evil?
What is good?
Who is to blame
If they misunderstood

What is the devil?
What is God?
Who tells these lies
For isn’t it odd

All these oppose
Maybe they are the same
One is absent
The other to blame.


October 26, 2010

Your tears are drying on my shoulder
Night and day are getting colder
Tears are shed for what has passed
In fools dreams this time can last.

You lay your head on my back
Hoping I will finally crack.
A single kiss planted on my spine
To let me know you are mine

Cold hard stare from tear glazed eyes
In this moment I am paralyzed
Thoughts run deep to the jungle floor
So much emotion coming in the door

All this anger and all this fright
All this sorrow and all this might
All this for three little words,
I love you, and it’s not absurd.

Business as Usual

October 25, 2010

Meeting starts right at 10,
Location the bedroom.
Walk in and remove your pants
Hop in the bed and start our dance
Lights off strictly at 1
This is when the talking starts
Say a point not too hard
Touch a wound where it scarred
Fight starts at 2:15
Don’t be late for the big scene
Yell and say I should split
Then hold me like you give a shit
Pass out at 5 to 3
Dream of all the pain
All the hurt you make me
How I am trapped not free
Wake up at 10 after nine
Act as if all is fine.
Yes our love is just business as usual.