I’m here

January 31, 2016

No matter where you are
I’ll be there
No matter what you do
I’ll lend a hand
No matter what you want
I’ll offer what you ned
No matter when you hurt
I’ll give a shoulder
No matter what
I’ll be here my love


January 30, 2016

In life we forget
To stop and see
To take in
To understand
To care
It’s only near death
We stop to see
All we missed


January 29, 2016

A night out with you
So happy to be so close
Touching finally

Real love

January 28, 2016

You make me see
A better part of me
You make me feel
That love is real
You make me know
That I can go
You make it so real.


January 27, 2016

forgotten times
Reliving the happiness
Knowing you are always mine
It feels so right
You close by my side
One love, for now and forever
You complete me

Heating Up

January 26, 2016

Stars are aligning
As the blood rushes downward
Into our very cores


January 25, 2016

The true enlightenment can only be found
Once one has traversed through the lows
And ridden the highest wave right down
To where it meets the lowly water.
It is only then that one can claim to understand
The truth of life and death