The Waiting Game

September 30, 2014

The waiting game hurts
Not knowing where or when it
Will all start again

Left Behind

September 29, 2014

Every single day
I wake up
Head to work
Hate my life
Regret what’s missed
Spend too little time
With family and friends
See them growing older
And wondering
Where the years have gone
Uncertain at which point
The human years met the dog
And what seems like one
Is actually seven
So tough to look back
And think
How important
That title was to me
While I slaved for
Some fat cats dollar signs
I let their lives
Leave mine behind


September 28, 2014

The star is shining
Warm and friendly perfect clear
Bright in the night sky

I saw you both today

September 27, 2014

I saw my Grandfather today
After all these years buried away
I lost my Grandmother today
Saying goodbye in the saddest way.

I missed them both today
By their grave side in dismay.
I said goodbye today
Sealed in their final way.

I loved them both for years
Helping cure my childhood fears.
I miss them both with tears
Remembering fondly all the good years.

I said goodbye today
I don’t know any other way.
I’ll love you both for all my years.
I miss you much, from my tears.


September 26, 2014

Something that is useful now
And still tomorrow


September 25, 2014

Lost in time
Forgetting yesterday
And remembering tomorrow
Like it was all
A big circle
Heading back
To where we began


September 24, 2014

Depression runs deep
Dark lonely somber sullen
Unable to breathe