Red Shoes

December 31, 2013

Why don’t you
Put your red shoes on?
The red ones
The bright shiny
Ruby coloured ones.
Put those red shoes on
Red like blood
Red like your soul.
Put those red shoes on
And dance.
Dance in those fiery
Red soled shoes
Dance and spin
Burn the floor
Show them all
Your red shoes
The ruby richness
The commy blood
Burn it up
Put your red shoes on.
Drum the beat
Or strut your feet
Let the myriad or red
Burn through
Put your red shoes on
Walk with the fire
Burn the soles
Put your red shoes on
And go go go.

The Key

December 30, 2013

This longing
Burns deep
And bright

Wishing you
Free me
From my fright

Powerful dreams
From a
Foolish man

A scoundrel
A thief
One with no plan

Dark nights
Darker days

Eventually ending
In a cool
Dry haze

You are her
The goddess
The key

You can
Break the spell
Setting me free


December 29, 2013

The season’s over
Nothing worth watching today
Terrible football

Broken Machine

December 28, 2013

Yet another day
Welcome to this evil machine
Also known as your life

Old Letters

December 27, 2013

Reading old letters
Opening old memories
A dark spiral
Down down down
Into where
I used to be
Never happy
But oh so free
Suitor and pursued
Unsure where to go
Those words
They remember
All the chances
All the failures
But never the success
Only heartbreak
And heartache
So sad what was
And always will be
Apologies and agony
Caught forever
Inky and sad
Never forget
What was once had.

Boxing Day

December 26, 2013

Hello Consumer!
I hear
You didn’t buy
Enough waste
For our biggest
Event of the year
So to help you out
I’ve gone ahead
And put the best*
Sales you’ll see
On all the items
You think you need
But really don’t!
I can’t wait
For you all to
Trample each other
Today to save
Ten bucks
On that tv
That I raised the
Price on last night.
Enjoy and
Have a safe
Shopping trip!

Christmas Day

December 25, 2013

A merry Christmas
Spent with my family and friends
Perfect holiday