The Red Button

February 15, 2018

In the twilight of these dark days
I see light, but it’s fading away
When will the sun, surface again
Taking away, this stain of shadow
That is over us now from left to right
It seems so long, since we were alright
Dark times are coming, East and West
Angry men, with too much power
Threatening all that each other have
And for what? A show of strength?
How strong is it really to shade the sun
With the chaos of darkness
Caused by one?
It seems to me, that this must be stopped
But the darkness grows by the day
Shootings, death, starvation, decay.
It must end some day soon
Otherwise tomorrow
Might be a nuclear noon.

Falling backwards

January 29, 2017

On this day
I have run out of words.
I’ve tried to be quiet,
I’ve tried being Loud.
I’ve tried to be humble,
I’ve tried being proud.
But on this day
I have stopped all my thoughts.
There is no point
To sit and talk.
We must take action
Raise our pens like swords
And try to find the words
To bring us back forward.

Democratic Process

October 6, 2015

The night was getting old
The bar door pulled open
Weighing less than expected
Almost creating a welcoming environment
As I stumbled into the dank dark bowels
Of yet another complete dive
Pulled up on a stool that was older than I
Sat the bar stool prophet in all his greyed glory
Stale beer and stale breath accompanied his tired smile
Tonight as I grabbed the empty stool next to him
He turned and stated
“These elections are all the same
From Afghanistan to America, from Zimbabwe to Zaire
It’s all just money in and wasted breath out
When are people going to realise
Democracy is like the everyone’s a winner model
Only instead of winning, you get to give your opinion
On whose bad policy should screw you
And which problem you want for the country next”

Ford Nation

May 1, 2014

Being mayor
Of a city of four million
Does not entitle you
To harass woman
Smoke crack
Get recklessly inebriated
Blow the bank
Skip the cities parades
And get a fire truck
To hang out
At your house party.
I guess there were
A few fires
That needed


April 22, 2014

Freedom for a cost
Greater than the oppression
Is not real freedom


March 28, 2014

A zipper
Pulled across
The mouths
Of a million
Dissatisfied citizens.
Democracy at it’s finest.

Pure Disgust

November 7, 2013

Sip by sip
You made your way
Gravy spilling
On the tray
Chug and gulp
Some St. Remy
Maybe it’ll
Make them see
You may block
A full wall
They may mock
At city hall
But in a stupor
You can be cool
But look now
Who is the fool
Rob-bed you of
Your mayoral robe
Af-Ford you nothing
On this dark globe.