June 22, 2015

When 86% of the workforce
Is actively disengaged
Maybe the problem isn’t
Within the workforce
But within the jobs
We are forcing
Our workers to do.


March 24, 2015

Work can eat away
Any semblance of a life
Just going crazy


October 29, 2014

Welcome back to your home
We have been expecting you
To always return


October 15, 2014

A land of work
Never ending
Facing the 8 to 11
Hit the bar
11 to 3
Pass out
In an alley
Sleep it off
Up again
Quarter to 8
Go into work
Repeat on loop
For Eternity

Left Behind

September 29, 2014

Every single day
I wake up
Head to work
Hate my life
Regret what’s missed
Spend too little time
With family and friends
See them growing older
And wondering
Where the years have gone
Uncertain at which point
The human years met the dog
And what seems like one
Is actually seven
So tough to look back
And think
How important
That title was to me
While I slaved for
Some fat cats dollar signs
I let their lives
Leave mine behind


October 23, 2013

The week stretches on
Never over soon enough
The constant struggle


September 8, 2013

Tomorrow marks your big day
You’re all grown up; done with play.
You’ve worked hard to get here
The apple is in sight; it is near.

you will be great
Just trust fate
It will go well
And be just swell.

Nothing should worry your pretty head
Have a good night’s sleep; go to bed
In the morning it is just the same
Do not worry; don’t feel ashamed.

Do not fear
My dearest dear.
Your heart is true.
And I love you.