December 24, 2013

Snow capped trees
Birds in the air
Christmas is near
Frost in my hair.
Warm breath
A glass of mulled wine
Santa is coming
It’s the best time.
Lovely warm fire
Yule log burning bright
I can only wait
For one more night.
In the morning
The gifts will be here
The children excited
And smiling ear to ear.


Summer Rain

June 22, 2013

Summer rain pouring
Wetting the city streets
Humid perfection

Dreamy Days

January 14, 2012

Sand, sea, water and trees
The sun is shining so bright
Making it all alright

Tropic life is best
Relaxed and at perfect peace
No need to wear fleece

Snow, frost, sleet and hail
The ice nipping at my nose
How I wish I was south

Spring is Coming

March 16, 2011

Spring is near
The birds are hear
Weather clear
Nothing to fear

Later night
No frosty fright
More daylight
Can fly my kite.

Some light rain
No winter bane
No longer insane
Entering summer lane.


June 26, 2010

It is hot
The garden’s in bloom
Full of carefree thought
And open aired room.

The sun has marked
The longest day
Her path has arched
And will fade away

Summer is here
Finally some heat
The beach is near
What a treat

Happy days are here to stay
In many ways I give praise
In this heat I have to play
Or simply dream in a daze.