Human After All

June 27, 2013

Who cares
Who marries
Who cares
Who chooses
Who cares
Who ingests
Who cares
Who drinks
Who cares
Who does
We are
All just


The moon

March 25, 2013

The wind howls
As night comes
Darkness all around.

Pain lingers
As dreams begin
The emptiness is profound.

A wolf screams
As a loon swims
Silently passing by.

The sorrow stays
As the moon rises
Making me want to cry.

Waste for Nature

March 22, 2012

For all I’ve seen
Over the years
I have to say
This is the most absurd
Dump on weekdays
Nature reserve on weekends
Oh so you like
To call yourselves friends
Foolish old me
Watching you dump
Garbage and filth
And then brag like a chump
We are protecting nature
Right here in downtown
Now give us more money
So we can put on our crown
King of the liars
King of the fools
Trading natures beauty
For a new set of tools.

In The Forest

March 15, 2012

Swans are swimming
Fawn are frolicking
In the forest tonight
Squirrels are scurrying
Foxes are fighting
In the forest tonight
Bees are buzzing
Raccoons are ravaging
In the forest tonight
Bears are biting
Rodents are running
In the forest tonight

Endless Horizon

March 14, 2012

In a state of total peace
So alone and yet so alive
Looking out
To one thousand possibilities
The horizon fades
From blue to gray
Open world
And an open mind
Silence so loud
Wind rustles
Waves ripple
Birds chirp
So endless
Every minute detail
Going on as far as the eye can see.

The Forest’s edge

February 6, 2012

Dark shadows slash at the sun spots
Every clearing edged by their teeth
Marking the spots of cold dissolution
At the fray of the clearing.

Frigid air gusts through dry leaves
Bringing up memories of death
And how it brushes us all
With its slick and sinister stroke

Animals do not touch this sunlight
They avoid it as if it were a plague
Poisonous and evil like the snake of Eden
They remain in the shadows serenity

Alas, the clearing is no more
A simple metaphor for growing old
What is safe seems like danger
An outlying shadow the difference between life and death.


August 24, 2011

Liquifying the air.
Melting the life
Of the world
Into raw electricity.
Heat. Light. Power.
Terrifying all who see
Its raw beauty
Too intense
For the naked eye.
Too strong
For man to harness.
Too fast
For him to capture.
Raw power.
Shaking the walls
Of all we’ve built.
Nature showing
Who has the upper hand.