The Healer

June 25, 2010

I loved too much
the man did say
as he walked up the hill
so far away.

To his humble home
on the mountain so high
conflicting goals
to live or to die?

Back down to town
he did lurk
to find a new son
in the water’s murk

Lost in thought
the man wanders on
he kills them up there
That’s where they’ve gone

The townspeople gossip
the townspeople worry
the old man has come
we must be in a hurry

Get the children in
unless you want them to die
he killed Michael
we will never know why.

But the man does not fret
over gossip filled words
he just seeks the one
the people flock in herds

He will kill again
the mayor tells all
I will give a million
for his wretched old skull.

The people gather outside town
at the base of the mountain rock.
They band together awaiting dark
Up the mountain they now walk.

In the dark the man heads home
to sit by the warm fire
before he can step in his door
A man with a machete kills for hire.

One swift sweep of the blade
and off goes the arm
that could have saved.
The old man meant no harm.

Misunderstood by the people below
The healer lived above them all
Watching out for everyone
Ignorance can cause society to fall.