May 1, 2013

Goodnight my friend
As we round the bend
Years have passed
It couldn’t last.

Fair well to the fun
As we used to run
Here and there
And everywhere

So long old pal
I knew so well
We grew apart
When did it start?

Adieu my mate
I don’t feel hate
Just a tinge of regret
As we finally split



January 26, 2013

Wine and perfect friends
An absolutely great night
Forgetting problems


January 25, 2013

Friendship can’t be bought
No matter how much it’s worth
It can only happen

Happy Birthday

July 19, 2010

Another Year has passed
Each more rewarding than the last
Bringing close family and friend
Cherishing memories ’til the end

Through the years you’ve helped me grow
Challenged my thoughts and what I know
You’ve given me a hand when I’m down
Helped pick me up off the ground

Thanks for standing at my side
And for the comfort when I’ve cried
Always knowing what needs to be said
Never giving feelings of dread

Keep on smiling and pull through
Life is busy, that is true
Remember those who care about you
And enjoy your day misses Chiu!


Goodbye My Friend

June 24, 2010

So long old friend
I knew you well
I held your hand
As you fell

Goodbye dear friend
We shared it all
I even helped
To build this wall

Another time my friend
Things will be better
I was always there
To receive your letter

See you best friend
In some other place
Even if it takes long
This is not a race

‘Til the end
Goodbye my friend
our hearts will mend
As we round this bend.