January 20, 2016

Every muscle moving in unison
Like a perfectly oiled machine
Youth is so lovely
It really is pristine
But before you realize you have it
In the mirror you see
The one starring back at you
Is no longer young and free



July 2, 2014

Youth slips
Right between our fingers
Like one thousand grains of sand
Leaving just the speckled remains
In frail memories
Of exactly what it was like
To be enchanted by all we saw.


January 1, 2013

One day
You look
And see
A fleeting
Of memory
As you look
Back from
A far
You see
Up in
The stars
Not like now
Not like then
In another How
In another when
Just as time
Plays one
More trick
You look up
And feel
So sick
Youth was
From your
Never to
Appear again
Until the day
You die


May 31, 2012

A pathetic fallacy
Marking the date
Of the death
Of their youth
And the entrance
Into maturity.
Never to be young
Never spry
Only a limited
Time remains
In the twilight
Of their life.

Misplaced Youth

March 2, 2012

I should have known
They were bad news
With their German heir
And cheap parted hair
All their Fühler talk
And foolish goose walk

Oh I should have known
They were bad to the bone
With their wunderbar
And that terrible scar
The swastika on hand
Their iron fists in the sand

Oh how could I not see
Their demons weren’t for me
Water board or not
Wouldn’t talk if they got caught
Their playground secrets tight
Bounded by third reich

Damn it! I should have seen it
They really did mean it
With their deadly void eyes
Cheap gimmicks and fake alibis
Their photos in the news
For killing those poor Jews

Oh how is it I didn’t know
They were lower than low
I guess I was just a boy
Thought myself rather coy
Not for their German way
But I did want to play

If only I had known
I could have picked up the phone
Called in their evil plot
Surely they’d be caught
With those foolish mustaches
And they’d get all their lashes

But I was but a boy
And was really not so coy
So they committed their crime
And now are serving time
If only I had known.
If only I had known.