February 26, 2013

Growing fears
Rising tears
Lost hope
Can’t cope

The aches and pains
Like heavy rains
Washing away
The ability to pray

All hope gone
No light of dawn
Just an empty head
Begging to be dead

Without you near
What can I hold dear
It all seems wrong
I am not so strong.

Without Direction

January 23, 2013

I am at a loss
Without finding direction
How can I believe?

God’s Word

January 21, 2013

From the twisted minds of men
Spreading the God’s words


December 2, 2012

You lead them swift
Across the land
Sword and fist
Obedience planned

A fearful eye
Strikes your gaze
You beat it back
Into a haze

Show the sheep
Who are out of line
They are no better
Than dirty swine

But soon enough
They’ll see your wrong
They’ll rise against
Becoming strong

You’ll fight hard
To show your right
But they’ll take your life
In the dark of night


November 13, 2012

What to do
This dreary night.
Nothing to see;
No one to fight.

Time to sit
And ponder the sky.
Begging the question;
Asking Him why.

Why is it
That we are here.
Why is it
That we must fear.

Is it okay
To feel afraid.
Of the God
Whose son we slayed.

Or should we
Stop and really think.
Who caused
This big stink.

In the end
It won’t change.
How this world
Is very strange.

So I guess
We have to stay.
And maybe Sunday
I will Pray.


November 4, 2012

What is a belief
That it could destroy us all
Because someone says


June 22, 2012

A journey
From one end
To the other
In search of
The great equality
Preached on Sunday
Practiced never
But it must be here
If only it could be found
No more hatred
No more war
No more famine
No more atrocity
But alas
It will never be found
For this great equality
Is merely a gimmick
Like everything else
Trying to sell
The product
As old as any
To the masses.