A Matter of Perspective

January 14, 2013

A trial
By his peers
Was impossible
For he was
Older than
The seven seas
And far wiser
Than any who
Dared look at him
That day.
Adorned in orange
Like a flower
Ready to be picked.
Whose to say
Such an old
And wise man
Could have killed
Without justice?
For wasn’t he
The great grandfather
Of the poor girl
Who was raped
By the very police
Placing him on trial.


Dressed For The Crime

April 3, 2011

Clothing kills
Or so they say
Dressing wrong
Will make you prey
Skirt is short
Forced to lay
Be conservative
Or don’t stay
This could make
A terrible play.
Police stating
To dress this way.
Police state
We must obey.
Why can he state
It was because of her way.

Governing Rights

February 18, 2011

Hiding them
Like dust bunnies;
Under an old rug.
Tucked away:
Out of sight,
Out of mind they say.
Who cares,
If they were raped,
Beaten or murdered.
Nothing that hasn’t
Happened before.
Maybe not since
Europe first
Confused this for India;
Before that
This land was free.