Couldn’t stay

February 25, 2018

They were waiting
in the dark
Monsters and martyrs
killers and thieves

They were waiting
Long of heart
sad sorrow
eyes of shade

They were lost
on the way
lonely men
Desperate women

They were lost
And couldn’t stay.


Forgot but remembered

February 23, 2018

Like a one hit wonder
She faded into obscurity
but that simple smile stayed
burned into his mind

A Plea to the GCoA

February 22, 2018

In wake of recent events
I’d like to call a hearing
Of the general council
Of apathetics.

On this twenty second day
Of this second months
Of this two thousand eighteenth year
I’d like to say, enough!

Enough of the arm chair politics
Enough of the slacktivism
Enough of the ‘1 million like’ campaigns
Enough of this general idiotic behaviour!

The truth is arm chair politics don’t change the world
Slacktivism is only self serving – and no one cares about you
Your like isn’t going to change a thing, just like your forward won’t stop bad luck
And this behaviour, well, this behaviour is what caused the rise of all these problems!

So let’s band together
And fight it all!
Take to the real world
Put down the phone and act!

Gun Control

February 21, 2018

When will the guns
Be treated like sticks
That are taken away
When children are bad?
When will we band up
And decide to fix
A broken system
That has swallowed whole
The hopes and dreams
Of countless children, and adults
Without a thought
When will we stand up
And say


February 20, 2018

I love you so much
My sweetest dearest baby
You make me smile

No one can stop you

February 19, 2018

Reach out
Into the night
And touch the stars
We cannot see
Mere mortals once
Eternity came
When we let go
And set our minds free
Free to wonder and wander
To search for what we will
To find peace, joy, and freedom
To never feel ill.
Next time someone
Tries to shoot your dreams down
Remember you can
Reach out for the stars
And no one can stop you.

February 18, 2018

Rushing around now
The Sun, the moon, and the clouds
Another day passed