Feeling again

May 29, 2015

As the words spill from my finger tips
I think of lips I shouldn’t have kissed
As my thoughts flow from my brain
I think I’ve gone fully insane
As my eyes slip slowly into sleep
I let a tear trickle down my cheek
As I lay here far too awake
I look back on all my heartbreak
As I realize all the wrong I’ve done
I realize where it all began
As I drift into a deep dark daze
I think of you through the haze
As to my sleep I slowly succumb
I finally know I needn’t feel numb


Edge of the world

May 2, 2015

The edge of the world
Where land meets air meets sea
The edge of the world
Where my tired soul feels free
The edge of the world
Where happiness dies not in vain
The edge of the world
Where I finally don’t feel the pain


January 17, 2015

A photograph
Chemically burnt
Into my mind
Never forgotten
One thousand lovers
Could toss
Between these sheets
And in the two thousand eyes
Only yours I’ll meet
For it is there
Burnt in my skull
Eventually causing
All other feelings to dull.


December 23, 2014

It’s not what is said
Or what is done
But the silence
In the aftermath
That embodies
My true pain.

King and Brown

December 5, 2014

In a dank bar
In the south
Of St. Louis
The bar stool prophet
Sat on his stool
Contemplating aloud
“The worst thing
About what’s happening
Outside this tavern,
Is the media
Blaming the blacks,
Once again
For the injustice
Done onto them.
It’s about time,
A new Malcolm X,
Or Martin Luther King Jr.
Stepped up to the plate
And taught folks
It isn’t about black
Or white, right or wrong
Anger or vengeance
But about taking a stand
Against the oppression
Of Rodney King,
Michael Brown
And any, and all
Of those pushed
Shoved, beaten down
Or even shot.
Enough is enough,
And even me here
In my stool knows
This is not right.
It’s time to stand up
And rise like the phoenix
From the ash
A powerful symbol
Of all this suffering.”


December 4, 2014

When we fight
Do others see
A worn out life
Wishing to be free
When we love
Do others see
The tattered remains
Of the angry
When we care
Do other see
The passion growing
Our hearts’ plea
When you are
Next to me
It doesn’t matter
What others see

Eyes Open

October 13, 2014

The eyes were open
As you let him in
Your mouth darkened
As you sinned

Sunday came, as did you
Repent like the fools always do
The priest didn’t believe
And neither did you

So Friday came
You at his door
Begging and pleading
“Please give me more!”

Sunday came
As did you
The priest gave penance
To your false virtue