Human Thought

March 2, 2015

There is one drug
More addictive
Than anything
You could ingest.

It seeps its way
Into your soul
And makes it crave
And want more

When it runs low
You feel like death
Is the only way
To be okay again

Then at your low
It seeps in again
Hearts race
Blood rushes

As that addictive
Substance seeps in
Illuminating everything
The world is yours again

In the wee hours
You lay awake
And oh you ache
For she isn’t there

The cycle starts
And again
And again.

Purist Passion

December 9, 2013

A raw
Primal desire
Right and wrong
An impassioned urge
A will
A carnal need
To hold
Your skin
Next to mine
To breathe
The warmth
Of your breath
And exhale
The fiery
Truth of our love.

Pin Hole

December 5, 2012

A pin hole;
Small, round, dark.
A prick;
Suddenly there.
Then it grows.
Out, and out, and out
Creating a want
A desire
A primitive need
To close it.
To fill it.
To make it gone.
But no matter what
Is put in that hole,
It only tears the edges
Expanding it;
Until one day,
It reaches the point
Of consumption.

Final Embrace

January 18, 2011

That hand
Sliding seamlessly across my chest
Begging to stay; while forcefully letting go
That hug;
Shockingly surreal
Making my body feel
Desperate and calm
Anger and sorrow
Happy and displeased
As if saying “I’ll get on my knees”
But showing strength;
More power than me
A future you see
The rose glasses shattered
But not all fades to black.
You can still attack
for you now see clear
Not a hint of fear
Even though it is done
You just won
With your arms quick unwrap
And that hand
Oh that hand
Slipping, and sliding