Old Irish Men

April 24, 2015

The voices of old irish men
Telling of some old when
Dancing over language lost
Speaking of death and it’s cost
Pushing forth a new age in
Writing of mortality and sin
From Butler to Yeates
And the other greats
Still progression does not elate
For sudden sorrow is their state
Oh how we didn’t learn from the greats.



October 19, 2014

Five short syllables
Seven need to follow them
Then back to five more


May 15, 2013

Can a poem reference itself?
A monotonous inner dialogue
Of its own creation?
Can the words absolve one
From their darkest thoughts?
And can a poem be
That light, growing brighter
Through the cracks in the bricks
Laid and mortared by its author?
Can the words keep coming
From a place less known?
Are the questions
Even its to ask?
But they are indeed,
For even in self reference
It can exceed the thought
Of the creator.
If only it were understood.