Life or Death

December 17, 2012

Life and death
A start; An end
Polar opposites
Or perfect pair?
Life but a catalyst
For death;
And death for life.
Nothing differs
More greatly,
But nothing is
So symmetrically
As life and death.
The two reasons
We strive for survival;
For without one
Or the other
We simply
Wouldn’t be.



March 20, 2012

Once again
All systems fail
Please check again
Once humans
Learn their own
Fictitious state
Called compassion
Until that time
This system
Will be on hold.

Worldly Pains

February 26, 2012

Are we lost
Or are we found
Without a god
We act so sound
Not here
Not there
We are unaware
The right the wrong
It is all the same
Truth and lie
Both bring pain
Which will it be
When we finally see
That we were never right
To start this fight
It was always our fault
That we commit assault
Damage our own
For nobody’s gain
The world is just full
Full of pain.

Loss of Words

February 4, 2012

Our terrible ways
I am at a loss of words
Humanity is dead


January 15, 2012

Lost thought
Buried below
Of others
None nearly
As important
As this.
Painfully waiting
For this
To resurface
And possibly
Save humanity.


December 10, 2011

What is it
That has caused
Society to become
Ignorant with fear?
So afraid to offend
It has forgotten
Its very purpose.

What is it
That has caused
Government to become
Drunk with power?
So righteous in action
It has forgotten
Its very purpose.

What is it
That has caused
Religion to become
Condescending with guilt?
So forceful in its ways
It has forgotten
Its very purpose.



August 24, 2011

Liquifying the air.
Melting the life
Of the world
Into raw electricity.
Heat. Light. Power.
Terrifying all who see
Its raw beauty
Too intense
For the naked eye.
Too strong
For man to harness.
Too fast
For him to capture.
Raw power.
Shaking the walls
Of all we’ve built.
Nature showing
Who has the upper hand.