Holy War

March 18, 2013

Herded like cattle
Towards a light so pure
Fooled by evil
Becoming unsure.

Tormented and tortured
Haunted to the soul
Breaking their wills
The ultimate goal.

With all the suffering
And undo pain
It’s a wonder
There was no shame.

In the end
Of this war of the east
There will never be rest
Nor will there be peace.


December 2, 2012

You lead them swift
Across the land
Sword and fist
Obedience planned

A fearful eye
Strikes your gaze
You beat it back
Into a haze

Show the sheep
Who are out of line
They are no better
Than dirty swine

But soon enough
They’ll see your wrong
They’ll rise against
Becoming strong

You’ll fight hard
To show your right
But they’ll take your life
In the dark of night


June 12, 2011

By the power
Of God above
I damn you
Member of
The other flock.
By the power
Of his highest rite
I smite thee
For putting up
A fight.
By the power
Of his majesty
I shall slaughter
Your people
To satisfy me.
By the power
Of the higher being
I will destroy you
For not agreeing.
By the power
Of God
I will…