October 22, 2015

Sometimes I sit awake, way into the night
Watching you sleep beside me
Thinking of the rythm of your heartbeat
The feelings we share, the connection
That fluttering feeling of worry
When you aren’t around, to squeeze my hand
Tell me it’ll be okay
That there is nothing to fear
Ah yes, you do this for me
You make me feel alive, safe and at ease
It’s been so long since I have felt so pleased
You make it easy to love
You make it hard to fight
In the end you make me feel like perfection
Is not a myth or fantasy, but just a lucky reality
You make it all okay, no matter how I feel
I see you, and it’s all perfect
You are the rose in front of my eyes
Tinting the world with your smooth speak
Of gentle nothing, and quiet moments
Of gentle watching


Finding Myself

March 6, 2015

The dark of night
Is surrounding me
It’s no longer light
I cannot see

Maybe tomorrow
I’ll seem alright
Maybe my sorrow
Will just take flight

In the end
I want to be free
Around the bend
I want to be me.

Found my way

February 21, 2015

Lost my way
On the road again
Lost my sight
Feeling old again
Lost my friend
I’m alone again
Lost my way

Found my way
Into your arms again
Found my sight
Trying hard again
Found by friends
Their with me again
Found my way


April 4, 2014



January 13, 2014

A thought of you
Lost in translation
Between want and need
A desire; passionate; pure
So true
That only you could be
The real one
The one for me
Oh if I knew
What I would have done
Oh if I knew
How we could have worked
We could have grown
Fallen in love
Is a fairy tale
To take roots and grow
Is how it ought to be
Why didn’t I see?
Beside me close
You always were
Now your gone
Oh how I am sure
So foolish young ones
Seem to be
Think their smart
As did we
But now in age
Looking back
It seems strange
That we did not attract
Finally realizing
You left a mark
But sadly without you
I must embark.


October 19, 2013

One and only one
There is no substitute
Never even two

Old Times

September 28, 2012

The dim candle light
Illuminating the small table
As we sit and drink

Beer after beer after beer
We pass the hours away
Reminiscing on

By the wee hours
We stumble away from here
Glowing happily