April 24, 2014

Share if you care
If this is shared
More than one billion times
Then God will come
And save us all
Think of the children
Please share
And like this
Because with just
One simple click
The problems of
Your privilege
Will be washed
From your mind
Because you did
Your part

Thank you for your email

December 11, 2013

Thank you for your email.
I am currently away
In pursuit of perfection.
I do not have backups,
As I am more capable
Than all of you.
I will not have access
To my email, phone,
Computer, etc.
For the remainder
Of my pursuit.
By the time I return
The sky will be green
The ocean orange
And the world black.
If you need
Immediate assistance
Please find
Someone with
Realistic goals.
A fool.

Performance Employment

November 29, 2013

We here at corporate Inc.
Have decided that you
Employee number 956325
Will be placed
In an arbitrary fight
To the death
With your coworker
Employee number 365651
We know he is old
And getting a little frail
But it is performance time
And who cares about
Ethics, personal relationships,
Health and well being, etc
At the end of the day
We are a performance-based employer
And as such
We would like to see
Your ultimate performance.
If you decline
We will fire you
Take away your house
Your car, your wife
Your life, your income
And have you
Completely black listed
Within the industry.
But not directly.
Legal will take care of that.


June 7, 2013

A true perfect life
Not a single thing is wrong
Such a foolish view

Binder Full

October 17, 2012

A binder full
No less.
No more.
None are viable
Even if it were true
Shows us something
True about you
Treat a group
Like they deserve
And maybe
Just maybe
You will learn
To get respected
The way they deserve.
But until that day
Lose the nerve.
You already lost
Your only game
And you are the one
The one to blame.

Higher ground

September 2, 2012

I found higher ground
But the only problem is
I cannot get down


August 31, 2012

Status measured
By material gain
You are the problem
Making a stain
A dark black mark
On a clean society
Enslaved to possessions
Never truly free.
Trapped by your Mac
Your stereo and tv
All must match
In case other’s see
No faux pas here
Only the real brand
How foolish we’ve become
Since growing this land